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rolly the rodeo

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Re: rolly the rodeo

Postby komaterpillar » Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:45 pm


got home from work yesterday, and had quite a few boxes of goodies waiting for me :D

so today was dedicated to the fitup of said goodies.

first up was the 100 Watt solar panel


and on top of the canopy


then the 30 amp solar charge controller, mounted and wired up


then the dual battery kit


changeover relay mounted. it cuts in at 13.2 volts and charges the auxillary batteries and isolates them when the starting battery gets down to 12.7 volts


indicator light and override switch mounted inside


oooooohhhhhh 200 Amp hours of deep cycle FURY!!!


and if all that can't keep up with my bloody freezer than this comes into play. 1Kva ultra quiet genset, just to run the fridge and a battery charger when there is no sun for the panel :D


goin fishin tomorow for a fortnight, so see how it goes :D
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