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RULES & TEMPLATE for NEW Members RIG section.

Show us your Rig!

RULES & TEMPLATE for NEW Members RIG section.

Postby Pissy » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:21 pm

Just letting everyone know that there is a Members RIG section up and running.

I did a bit of nagging to our overworked site creator and got him to make up this section for us all.
As Francesco is overwhelmed with other web sites that he manages in his spare time plus work and home life, he has left it to Me and other senoir members to admin it (I'm mean geeves and FAQ team, I should have asked you guys first :oops: ).

RULES please copy and USE the template below!

Until we come up with a better way of doing this, please use this template for now. This will make it an easier way of comparing vehicles, (please not copy over the descriptions in italic).
I hope the senior and more active users really get into this and post ASAP ;)
If you need to add new information please use the Editting feature and update your first post, if possible
People, please feel free to post replies under anyones section asking for info or just giving compliments

(A quick and general Write up of yourself (first name only, where you live small history may be,...?...and then your car, model, year, and any other info you might want to say, where you got it, how much, KMS how long you've had it, where you like to go off roading etc)

Modifications and Accessories:

Body Lift:
Traction Aids: (LSD, auto lockers or Air/electric lockers etc)
Spot lights and Lighting:
Dual Batteries:
Sound system:
External: (any other bits you've done,snorkle, rock, sliders/bar work, roof rack, boonet scoops flares etc)
Internal: (any interanl mods, like false floor, water storage, storage slide etc)


Post up you pictures under the above list, please follow the correct sizing of 640x480 pixels And no bigger than 200kb each , or use thumbnails,..if you are having trouble go to this link http://clubisuzu.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=80 for help with picture uploading.
Please give a desciption above picture of what you are showing, one of yourself along side the car would be a great way to start. :D
94 3.1L MU,2.5"suspension lift,2"body Lift,33"Bighorns,F&R Autolockers,Rock Sliders,winch bar,240 lightforces,UHF,120amp alternator,dual batteries,snorkel,turbo timer etc
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