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For the love of cars

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For the love of cars

Postby slightlydodgy » Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:43 pm

This was on TV1 at 7.30 (showing my age now only foggies watch TV1 :!: ) for those who don't know its a British program where they restore an iconic car and look at what it means to people. they restored a Mk1 escort Mexico the wreck cost £8000 it looked and sounded good at the end Ever seen a police issue escort? :lol: The show brought back memories of my Mk1 1300. Next week they take on a landy
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Re: For the love of cars

Postby geeves » Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:54 pm

Watched it as well and believe it or not my 3rd car was also a mk1 escort. On paper 2 owners but one was a govt department the other a family ie dad, mum, boy1, and finally boy2. They were friends before I bought that car. Recon engine but also a long period with the speedo disconnected while he lived in Wellington and his girlfriend in Hawera. It wasnt a bad car. It blew a head gasket in Rotoroa which was a bit embarrassing. Result was bubbles under the thermostat stopping it opening so after a cold night in a hotel in rotorua we got to the turnoff to Kerosene creek before it boiled severely although the radiator was cold. No worries take the thermostat out destroying the gasket in the process refilled the radiator from a drainage ditch with a paper cup then noticed the lake across the road and drove back to Wellington. Bought the car for 2k kept it 10 months sold it as a trade in to a dealer for 1800 so not complaining. Plus there was free petrol coupons worth 300 included in the sale. Salesman was quite happy with my trouble free trip round the south island. Should I of told him of the 1.5 litres of oil added with every tank of petrol or the see through floor?
I wonder when they will do a bighorn restoro?
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Re: For the love of cars

Postby MrRevhead » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:26 am

My 2nd car was a MK1 rally car! Full cage 1700cc Kent with twin dellortos. Why? because I was young and dumb :lol:
Always dreamed of playing with escorts, but reality kicked in and they are way out of my budget now.
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